It can guarantee that the institution is maintaining some level of standards and quality to ensure the competence level of its educational programs.

Major Functions of Quality Enhancement Cell:

  1. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is to be headed by the Director directly reporting to the Principal and Acting Chairperson. He is the correspondent of the SCET with the outside bodies.
  2. QEC is responsible for promoting public confidence that the quality and standards of the award of degrees are enhanced and safeguarded.
  3. QEC is responsible for the review of quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.
  4. QEC is responsible for the review of academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of programs.
  5. QEC is responsible for defining clear and explicit standards as points of reference to the reviews to be carried out. It should also help the employees to know as to what they could expect from candidates.
  6. QEC is responsible to develop qualifications framework by setting out the attributes and abilities that can be expected from the holder of a qualification, i.e. Bachelors or Bachelor with Honors.
  7.   QEC is responsible to develop program specifications. These are standard set of information clarifying what knowledge, understanding, skills and other attributes a student will have developed on successfully completing a specific program.
  8. QEC is responsible to develop quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation to affirm that the quality of provision and the standard of awards are being maintained and to foster curriculum, subject and staff development, together with research and other scholarly activities.
  9. QEC is responsible to ensure that the university’s quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place nationally for maintaining and improving the quality of Higher Education.
  10. QEC is responsible to develop procedures for the following:
    1. Approval of new programs
    2. Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty monitoring, and student’s perception.
    3. Departmental review
    4. Student feedback
    5. Employer feedback
    6. Quality assurance of the degree programs.
    7. Subject review
    8. Institutional assessment
    9. Program specifications
    10. Qualification framework

Development of SAR

QEC provides clear guidelines to the departmental heads and the Program Convener (PC) regarding preparation of SAR in accordance with the Objectives Based Education (OBE) requirements.

Program Teams – QEC

All departmental QEC members and QEC departmental conveners will directly report to QEC Head/Director for their departmental QEC proceedings.


Quality Enhancement Cell Organogram

To handle the demanding matters of QEC, each department has assigned members with some roles to ensure the provision of SAR reports as per the guidelines of the Director-QEC. The standard expected roles of the Program Team Members have also been described at the bottom of the attached sheet.

Structure of QEC Body for the year 2022-onwards

All departmental QEC members and QEC departmental conveners will directly report to QEC Head/Director for their departmental QEC proceedings.


Program Team – Electrical Engineering Department (PT-EE)
Sr. No Designation Name
1 QEC Head/Director Dr. Malik Shoaib Suleman
2 QEC Secretary Engr. Malik Shah Zeb Ali
3 QER Analyst Engr.Mazhar Iqbal
4 Program Convener (EE) Dr. M. Talha Gul
5 Program Convener (Chem. E) Engr. Adnan Akhtar
6 Program Convener (CS) Dr. Syed Saqib Raza
7 Program Member 1 (EE) Engr. Muhammad Afzal
8 Program Member 2 (EE) Engr. Usman Shafique
9 Program Member 1 (Chem. E) Engr. Waqas Noor
10 Program Member 2 (Chem. E) Engr. Muzammil Awais Gillani
11 Program Member 1 (CS) Ms. Hira Mustafa
12 Program Member 2 (CS) Ms. Saba Ramzan


Description of the Designated Roles:


*QEC Convener (PQC) will be responsible to arrange departmental meetings to follow up and ensure the timely delivery of SAR reports as and when required by the QEC-SCET Team.

**Program QEC Member (PQM) will be responsible to arrange all sections/chapters with coordination of all the departmental faculty so that to compile the report well in time.

***Program QEC Secretary (PQS) will be responsible for recording of minutes from the discussions/meetings and to circulate within one day of the meeting held.

OBE Activity Chart under QEC

Sr. No
Date Activity Remarks
1 26-09-2016 Lecture on Introduction to Outcome Based Education Associate professor Computer Science & Engineering Department Dr. M. Yasir Saleem visited SCET and delivered introductory lecture on OBE-based system
2 09-01-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Awareness literature distributed Principal SCET asked UET to send literature on OBE which was delivered and distributed to faculty
3 11-05-2017 Implementation of Outcome Based Education The faculty was motivated to design the OBE-based course contents. An OBE-committee was formulated to work out for the uniform template of OBE-based course contents.
4 15-05-2017 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) The board asked affiliated colleges to send on PEOs and PLOs and so that BoS member provides recommendations for improvement.
5 24-06-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC A one day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
6 25-10-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation workshop on LMS arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC  OBE system has already been tried and one day workshop has been arranged to let faculty know about LMS and OBE systems.
7 20-03-2018 Conduct of QEC Survey 2018 Program team of each department has asked to conduct survey as earliest.
8 14-06-2018 Quality Assurance Practices and challenges One day workshop on QEC importance and way forward.
9 02-08-2018 Meeting with Head Nephrology department on QEC SMDC also arranged meeting on settlement of QEC at trust level.
10 03-08-2018 Training workshop on OBE system A one-day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
11 16-08-2018 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) BoS UET has approved PEOs, Vision Mission and PLOs.
12 09-11-2018 QEC administrative responsibilities reshaping On directions of administrator SCE/SEC QEC convener has been changed and new charge was handed over to Dr. Akhtar Rasool convener QEC.
13 28-11-2018 Seminar on the Importance of OBE in New Accreditation Systems One day seminar by QEC Director  Dr.Akhtar Rasool.
14 01-1-2019 Seminar on the Importance of PLO-CLO Mappings One day seminar by QEC Director  Dr.Akhtar Rasool.
15 16-02-2019 Seminar On Learning Domains One day seminar by QEC Director  Dr.Akhtar Rasool.
16 13-03-2019 Workshop on OBE A lecture was delivered by Dr. Akhtar RASOOL introducing OBE-
based system and CQI process on different levels.
17 08-04-2019 Full Day Workshop on
OBE System Importance
and its Implementation
Introduction to CLOs PLOs PEOs and their implementation in OBE system, LMS account details regarding OBE system particularly CQI event creation. By Dr. Akhtar RASOOL