Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To edify and train the graduates in design, synthesis, applications and project management areas to resolve electrical engineering problems.
  2. To prepare the graduates for acquiring the international standards of advanced or higher education and innovative research.
  3. To establish the leadership skills that will enable them to command their departments and organizations.
  4. To indulge professional, social and ethical responsibilities in the graduates.

Alignment of Departmental Mission with PEOs

Sr. No
Date Activity Remarks
1 Handling CLOs and PLOs attainment issues (Direct Assessment) Faculty members will be educated so that to review the direct assessment methods and to be able to sort out and propose relevant solutions to ease CLOs and PLOs attainment.
2 Assessment of Surveys Results and their contribution in the CQI Seminar/Workshop is proposed to educate the faculty members and allied staff to do the assessment and incorporate the results/recommendations of the stakeholders.
3 Local Committees Formation to review and assess CQI on different levels Seminar/Workshop/Faculty discussion will be held to form committees to achieve the CQI targets.
4 17-05-2019 Seminar on the importance and role of Affective Domain in OBE Implementation A lecture was delivered by Dr. Akhtar RASOOL introducing the faculty members with the role of Affective domain in the learning system and CLOs shaping.
5 10-05-2019 Seminar on the importance and role of Psychomotor Domain in OBE Implementation A seminar was held by QEC Convener/Director, Dr. Akhtar RASOOL to introduce the faculty members with the role of Psychomotor domain in the learning/teaching process and CLOs formulation.
6 April 2019 Full Day Workshop on OBE System Importance and its Implementation Introduction to CLOs PLOs PEOs and their implementation in OBE system, LMS account details regarding OBE system particularly CQI event creation etc. By Dr. Akhtar RASOOL
7 March 2019 Seminar on CQI levels introduction and its role in OBE and OBA One day seminar was held by Dr. Akhtar RASOOL introducing OBE-based system and CQI processes on different levels.
8 January, 2019 Seminar on the importance of Learning Domains, especially Cognitive Domain and its role in CLOs Formulation A lecture was delivered by Dr. Akhtar RASOOL introducing Learning Domains, highlighting its importance in the academia and their usage in the CLOs shaping.
9 09-11-2018 General Guidance Regarding SAR Preparation A seminar was arranged and held by the newly QEC Convener/Director, Dr. Akhtar RASOOL to educate the faculty regarding requirements of different criterions of SAR as per PEC guidelines so that to prepare the SAR in time.
10 09-11-2018 QEC administrative responsibilities reshaping By the executive order from the administrator SCET/SEC, Dr. Akhtar RASOOL was handed over the responsibilities of QEC convener.
11 16-08-2018 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) BoS-UET approved PEOs, Vision, Mission and confirmed PLOs.
12 03-08-2018 Training workshop on OBE system A one-day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
13 02-08-2018 Meeting with Head Nephrology department on QEC SMDC also arranged meeting on settlement of QEC at trust level.
14 14-06-2018 Quality Assurance Practices and challenges One day workshop on QEC importance and way forward.
15 20-03-2018 Conduct of QEC Survey 2018 Program team of each department has asked to conduct survey as earliest.
16 25-10-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation workshop on LMS arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC. OBE system has already been tried and one day workshop has been arranged to let faculty know about LMS and OBE systems.
17 24-06-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC. A one day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
18 15-05-2017 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) The board asked affiliated colleges to send PEOs and PLOs so that the BoS members provide recommendations for improvement.
19 11-05-2017 Implementation of Outcome Based Education The faculty was motivated to design the OBE-based course contents. An OBE-committee was formulated to work out for the uniform template of OBE-based course contents.
20 09-01-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Awareness literature distributed Principal SCET asked UET to send literature on OBE which was delivered and distributed to faculty
21 26-09-2016 Lecture on Introduction to Outcome Based Education Associate professor Computer Science & Engineering Department Dr. M. Yasir Saleem visited SCET and delivered introductory lecture on OBE-based system.

Mapping of PLOs and PEOs

Graduate Attributes PEO-1 PEO-2 PEO-3 PEO-4
Engineering Knowledge
Problem Analysis
Design/Development of Solutions
Modern Tool Usage
The Engineer and Society
Environment and Sustainability
Individual and Team Work
Project Management
Lifelong Learning