Ms. Hirra Mustafa

The Computer Science department has  dynamic, international, and award-winning faculty engages in adding theoretical knowledge after transforming  cutting-edge research. Undergraduates are exposed via various projects offered for each courses and helps students to participate actively.
Computer Science covers the theory and practice behind the design and implementation of computer and information systems. It builds on foundations of algorithms and complexity theory, and includes databases, networks, artificial intelligence, vision, machine learning, programming languages, cryptography, simulation and graphics. Computer scientists solve interdisciplinary problems in biology, medicine, and security. A host of program options such as joint programs (with Physics, Biology, Math, Computer Science) and Arts degrees reflect this interdisciplinary.
Many of our graduates have landed prized positions with Huaweii, PTCK, Teradata, Netsol,Superior, UCP, COMSATS and Punjab university. Others have started their own successful companies.