Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Departmental Mission

To prepare Electrical Engineering graduates having a concrete knowledge-base, well-founded analytical skills, competent transferable skills, and responsible attitude through its competent faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and empowering environment that shall enable them to undertake real world engineering problems, ingenious research, and entrepreneurship.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
The graduates of SCET Bachelor of Electrical Engineering should demonstrate:
1. Expertise in electrical engineering knowledge and tools imperative for analysis, design, and evaluation of contemporary engineering problems.
2. Responsibility towards environment, society, ethical values, and professional integrity.
3. Leadership qualities and soft skills in an organization or entrepreneurial venture.
4. Sustained Learning through professional development, self-study, and research.

Sr. No
Date Activity Remarks
1 26-09-2016 Lecture on Introduction to Outcome Based Education Associate professor Computer Science & Engineering Department Dr. M. Yasir Saleem visited SCET and delivered introductory lecture on OBE-based system
2 09-01-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Awareness literature distributed Principal SCET asked UET to send literature on OBE which was delivered and distributed to faculty
3 11-05-2017 Implementation of Outcome Based Education The faculty was motivated to design the OBE-based course contents. An OBE-committee was formulated to work out for the uniform template of OBE-based course contents.
4 15-05-2017 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) The board asked affiliated colleges to send on PEOs and PLOs and so that BoS member provides recommendations for improvement.
5 24-06-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC A one day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
6 25-10-2017 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Implementation workshop on LMS arranged by QEC of UET in collaboration with PEC  OBE system has already been tried and one day workshop has been arranged to let faculty know about LMS and OBE systems.
7 20-03-2018 Conduct of QEC Survey 2018 Program team of each department has asked to conduct survey as earliest.
8 14-06-2018 Quality Assurance Practices and challenges One day workshop on QEC importance and way forward.
9 02-08-2018 Meeting with Head Nephrology department on QEC SMDC also arranged meeting on settlement of QEC at trust level.
10 03-08-2018 Training workshop on OBE system A one-day workshop on OBE was arranged by QEC of UET.
11 16-08-2018 Meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) BoS UET has approved PEOs, Vision Mission and PLOs.
12 09-11-2018 QEC administrative responsibilities reshaping On directions of administrator SCE/SEC QEC convener has been changed and new charge was handed over to Dr. Akhtar Rasool convener QEC.

The department has fully equipped laboratories for all electrical engineering subjects. The department has 14 Engineering Laboratories fully functioning with latest State-of-Art equipment:

  1. Electric Circuit-II
  2. Electrical Workshop Practice
  3. Circuit Analysis and Design
  4. Semiconductor Devices
  5. Electrical Machines
  6. Microprocessor Systems
  7. Analog Electrical Circuits
  8. Digital Logic Design
  9. Instrumentation & Measurements
  10. Communication Systems
  11. Power Transmission & Distribution
  12. Power Electronic
  13. Digital System Design
  14. Control Systems