Type(s) of Workstations:

Core-I7,4th Generation 8GB Ram,250GB hard disk 40 PC

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The major objective of this lab is to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, technology and practice to the participants to groom them into well-informed database application developers. Rather than imparting isolated knowledge/experience fragments in each of concepts, technology and practice, the course will aim at achieving a good blend of the three. The overriding concern, therefore, is to include just enough concepts and theory to motivate and enrich the practical component, and to include technology component to maximize the relevance of the course to the industry without sacrificing the long-term objectives of rigor and foundational strength that can withstand the vagaries of technological advances. The sub-objectives are:

    • Facilitate students related to software engineering and object oriented programming concepts.
    • Provide a sound introduction of OOP/Introduction to computing concepts.
    • To present the concepts and techniques relating to ODBC and its implementations.
    • To introduce the concepts of transactions and transaction processing
    • To present the issues and techniques relating to concurrency and recovery

Lab Director

Fahad Yaseen

Lab Engineer


Lab Attendant

Mr. Afaq