Courses of N&SS in Electrical Engineering Department

Sr.NO Course Code Course Title
1 HU-100 Communication Skills
2 MA-123 Calculus
3 PH-111 Applied Physics
4 HU-101 Technical writing
5 MA-200 Differential Equations
6 MA-201 Linear Algebra
7 HU-202 Pakistan Studies
8 MA-202 Scientific Computing
9 BA-400 Entrepreneurship and small Business Management


     Courses of N&SS in Chemical Engineering Department

Sr.NO Course Code Course Title
1 CY-142 Physical and Analytical Chemistry
2 CY-221 Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
3 HU-111 Communication Skills
4 HU-221 Technical writing and Presentation Skills
5 IS-101 Islamic and Pak Studies I
6 IS-201 Islamic and Pak Studies II
7 MA-113 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
8 MA-118 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
9 MA-233 Applied Mechanics
10 MA-240 Numerical Analysis
11 ME-122L Engineering Drawing
12 PHY-113 Applied Physics


Courses of N&SS in Computer Science Department

Sr. No Course Code Course Title
1 MA-123 Calculus
2 PHY-121 Mechanics and Wave Motion
3 PHY-121L Mechanics and Wave Motion
4 IS-101 Islamic and Pakistan Studies-I
5 CSE-121 Circuit Analysis I
6 CSE-121L Circuit Analysis I
7 PHY-131 Electricity and Magnetism
8 PHY-131L Electricity and Magnetism
9 IS-201 Islamic & Pakistan Studies II
10 MA-224 Multivariate Calculus
11 CS-211 Discrete Mathematical Structures
12 MA-219 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
13 CSE-221 Digital Logic Design
14 CSE-221L Digital Logic Design
15 HU-221 Technical Writing & Presentation Skills
16 MA-225 Differential Equation and Transforms
17 CS-201 Numerical Analysis
18 CS-201L Numerical Analysis
19 CSE-301 Probability and Random Variables
20 HU-IIIL Communication Skills
21 MGT-410 Project Management
22 PHY-111 Applied Physics
23 PHY-IIIL Applied Physics