UET Affiliated

Affiliated with UET Lahore

PEC Accredited

Accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council

NCEAC Accredited

National Computing Education Accreditation Council

Why Choose SCET

Conferral of UET Degree

UET Lahore is one of the most popular university in the Pakistan. It has been ranking consistently high in the research ranking in Pakistan universities’ ranking. SCET is working under the umbrella of UET.

Research excellence

Staff are at the forefront of developments in many subjects, such as the study and application of micro-electronics and computer-based disciplines. Courses are often linked to current research activities and students have access to excellent equipment and facilities.


Our reputation for providing top quality graduates on the behalf of UET Lahore.

Broad range of careers

Our graduates have launched their careers in many different sectors including technology, IT, commerce, engineering, government, education, and health. Leading companies, such as, NetSol, Arbisoft, Nishat Mills Limited ect. are keen to employ our graduates.

Student Advisement, Counseling and Mentoring

The University provides students with advisement, counseling and mentoring services in their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral matters. Student advisers assist students in building their productive work habits and achieving behavioral and academic targets and planning in career exploration. The mentors and advisers work with the students on a regular basis.

Industrial Experience

During your degree you can gain industrial / Software Houses experience with leading companies in the Pakistan as part of industry visits to find industry experience . This experience means that after graduation many of our students go on to work for world-class businesses.

SCET Campus

The SCET is based at the Jati Umara Canal. College have excellent facilities and combine a very safe and friendly environment with a great location, a wealth of cultural links and superb transport, hostels and free medical facility from Sharif Medical Complex.


Four departments on one campus offer students boundless opportunities to pursue their passions and collaborate on solving complex global problems.


SCET community are engaged in creating new knowledge.

IAB Board

Educational advantage, Making connections with Industries
To become an Institution that stands for Excellence. Links with industry give students a competitive edge.