Darkness of ignorance has been washed away from humanity through a chain of Prophet-hood since Adam. SCET stands as facilitator and source of light in sharing and acknowledging prime concern of executing duty of spreading knowledge. Excelling man’s God given potentials to discover what is better for humanity through Science, Engineering, Business and Management.


To become an Institution that stands for Excellence. To Develop an Innovative and Competitive Task Force to meet the new and Dynamic Socio-Political and Socio-Economic needs of the globe.

Quality Policy

The University of Malaya is committed to conduct teaching and learning, carry out research and provide quality services on a global level, generate and enhance knowledge through continuous improvement efforts for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially University of Scet students.


– Recognizes, understands, and appreciates the existence of diversity among human beings.
– Values diverse points of view and demonstrates this in daily work and decision-making.
– Treats all people justly and with dignity and honour regardless of race, religion, gender or position in the organization.
– Continually examines own attitude towards others to avoid inappropriate and unjust behaviour.