Shahid Chaudhary

Shahid Chaudhary



Ph.D in Mathematics, CUI, Lahore Campus . MS Mathematics, Comsats Lahore. B.Ed General, AIOU, Lahore.

  • Working as Lecturer in SCET
  • Worked as Research Assistance in Comsats, Lahore.
  • Taught in multiple Academies to intermediate and Cambridge board students.

Calculus Multivariate Calculus Discrete Mathematical Structures Calculus and Analytical Geometry Applied Mathematics & Statistics Differential Equations Numerical Analysis Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis

General theory of Relativity and Cosmology,


Black Holes,

General Relativity and Cosmology.

  • Dynamics of Polynomial Chaplygin Gas Warm Inflation (European Journal of Phy C, Impact factor 5.33 )
  • Power Law plateau and Inverse symmetric potential (IJMPD Impact factor 2.7 )
  • Accretion onto Charged Black Holes in Einstein and Massive Gravities.(Chinese Theoretical Physics)
  • Worked on the project approved by HEC ‘Cosmological Analysis of gravity’.


The Sharif Trust