Dr. Akhtar Rasool

Dr. Akhtar Rasool

Assistant Professor

He completed his Ph.D in Mechatronics Engineering with thesis title, ‘‘Control of Converters as Source for Microgrid’’ in 2017, MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering in the years 2009 and 2007 respectively. He has been serving as an Assistant Professor and Director Quality Enchancement Cell at Sharif College of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (Affiliated College of University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore) since April, 2018. Earlier he has served as an Assistant Professor at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila till April 2018, Teaching Assistant at Sabanci University till July 2017, Lecturer at Hajvery University till 2012 and Lab Engineer at Government College University Faislabad till January 2008. Beside the academic roles, he has also served a vast range of industries through services and consultancy firms, the PRESCON Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., the Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. and AGITROL Solution (Pvt) Ltd. His major areas of interest include control of converters with applications ranging integration of renewable energy resources, microgrids, smartgrid, electrical machines, automated electrical vehicles, electrical trains, automatic braking, steering, robotic actuators, energy management, process control, cascaded control applications and high voltage assets’ life assesment. He is also actively involved in trainings for the Quality Enchancement, Objectives Based Education (OBE) and Objectives Based Assessment (OBA) techniques.

Ph.D in Mechatronics Engineering (Micro-Grid), Sabanci University, TURKEY
MSc in Electrical Engineering, Dalarna University, SWEDEN

  • Assistant Professor at UET Taxila, Sub-Campus Chakwal.
  • Teaching Assistant at Sabanci University, Istanbul Turkey.
  • Assistant Professor at UET Taxila, Sub-Campus Chakwal.
  • Worked as lead Engineer in PRESCON Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Lecturer at Hajvery University, Lahore.
  • Worked as lecturer in GC University, Faislabad.
  • Worked as Service Engineer at Orient Energy Systems (OES) (Pvt.) Ltd.

Introduction to Smart Grid, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis, Electric Circuit & Design, Control Systems Design, Electrical Machines Design, Introduction to Neural Networks, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Measurement & Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Statistical Modelling, Measurement and Instrumentation, Digital Electronics, Circuit Analysis, Electrical Machines, Digital Communication, Digital Logic Design, Measurement & Instrumentation, Digital Control, Circuit Analysis, Digital Circuits

  1. Control of converters for renewable energy resources (RESs) & Applications, Integration of renewable energy resources (Microgrid/Smart Grid), Voltage stability and power control in modern distribution/generation systems!
  2. Development of autonomous electric vehicles and unmanned vehicles!
  3. Model development of dynamical systems through estimation/identification, State estimation of DGs!
  4. Smart methods for life assessment/diagnostics of power plant MV/HV assets, use of wireless communication in smart applications such as diagnostics, electrical power system studies and diagnostics!
  5. Motion control systems, Bilateral control applications such as Teleoperation (Bio-medical sciences), flood control, irrigation control etc.!
  6. Smart cities, Smart planning, Smart transportation, Smart energy planning & control, Smart irrigation, Smart flood control by smart data collection & monitoring with the use of cloud computing & IoT!
  7. Bio-medical Instruments’ development for human health monitoring through autonomous data collection!
  • Reviewer & Editor, World Journal of Engineering, Emerald Insight
  • Editor, International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computing
  • Reviewer, IET Power Electronics
  • Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • Reviewer, IEEE Access
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Electronics
  • Reviewer, Elsevier Journal, of Renewable Energy Reviews
  • Reviewer, Elsevier Journal, Engineering Science and Technology
  • Reviewer, COMPEL
  • Serving as Reviewer and TPC Member in IEEE Conferences

Web Link: https://publons.com/researcher/1427159/dr-akhtar-rasool/peer-review/

ResearchGate Link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Akhtar_Rasool5

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